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Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé 2014 Bottle

Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé

Differentiated and delicious. This rich, full bodied Rosé with its expressive aromas of raspberry, redcurrant, and  hints of white peach has wowed international wine professionals.

With hand picking in the early morning, low yields and organic production the Rosé will be joined by Red and White wines from the 2017 harvest


Mira Luna was formerly part of the historic Miraval estate. Tom Bove retained its 250 acres (17 acres of vines) at the time of the sale of Miraval to the Pitt-Jolies in 2008.

Mira Luna is blessed with the most beautiful terroir where the moon rises over an undulating landscape shimmering with movement and mystery.

Its beauty was such that it inspired a former Miraval owner, the jazz musician Jacques Loussier, to proclaim that Mira Luna was his very favourite part of the extensive Miraval Domaine.

Tom Bove

About Tom Bove

Tom lived and worked on Miraval for 16 years (1992 to 2008) During that time, in 1999, he found a rundown vineyard  with a truly great terroir, Chateau La Mascaronne,  and is now resident there. In 2008 Tom Bove acquired Bomont de Cormeil in Coteaux du Verdon along with his sons and daughters.

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